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In 2021, at the request of Theater De Spiegel, a few artists created a wonderful world tailored to a courier bag.
They got their inspiration from baby books, cardboard booklets, from wrinkle and crinkle, from flap books, picture and photo books.

One worked on a fold-out photo album, with landscapes and weird places
The other developed textile books, mats, in which you can especially feel your story.
One even finds paper edible and books to smudge!
The other lets a colourful bubble wind blow through the room. Or lets block letters dance out from the pages.

Looking at books together becomes a musical adventure!


They conjure these booklets out of a courier bag in a theatrical setting. From that bag, the space changes and children can go on a journey of discovery. A mix of exciting visual theater and discovering the toddler books yourself. This mix is always supported by improvising musician(s).

Two or more artists, each within their own world, improvise freely with each other’s books and worlds, with music and with the children.


By and with: Karel Van Ransbeeck, Lize Pede, Marie Van Praag or Ine Ubben
Musicians: changing musicians from De Spiegel like: Stefan Wellens, Christophe Pochet, Jutta Troch, Astrid Bossuyt, Joeri Wens, Nicolas Ankoudinoff, Dries De Maeyer, e.a.
Practical realisation: Karel Van Ransbeeck, Lize Pede, Marie Van Praag, Ine Ubben, Wim Van de Vyver and Senne Van Loock

Artistical coaching: Karel Van Ransbeeck


Production: Theater De Spiegel in cocreation with La Miam (Montréal)

Duration: 35 minutes

Playlist Pret-a-Porter

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