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  0 – 24 MONTHS OLD

After the artistic space CABAN, De Spiegel creates a garden in which you can feel and taste, bloom and grow. A pleasure ground for the eyes, ears and especially for the imagination. In this garden, small children grow up a bit, they taste music, movement or images together with their parents or minders. There are different things to discover at every eye level. They can sit, lie down or crawl around. They can sing along, drum, dance and clap. 

Musicians, dancers or illustrators appear between the graceful curly cabbages and waving parsley. They allow themselves to get pollinated by both the garden and the public, they captures what is in the air and plant music, dance and images. 

In the course of a session, wonderful sounds, movements or shapes grow out of this. And just like real gardeners in real gardens, the artists also intervene in the vegetation, paths and seeds.


Director: Karel Van Ransbeeck
Decor: Wim Van de Vyver and Karel Van Ransbeeck
Design textiles: Manoeuvre vzw and De Vaartkapoen vzw
Lightning design: Alain Ongenaet
In collaboration with various artists
Nicolas Ankoudinoff, Adil Benhsain, Jotka Bauwens, Astrid Bossuyt, Danaé Bosman, Dries De Maeyer, Anne Marie Honggokoesoemo, Romeo Lothy Bampende, Christophe Pochet, Fien Van Damme, Joeri Wens, Anke Zijlstra, … and many more. 

Duration of the performance: 90 minutes

Playlist Labotanik

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