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De Spiegel

De Spiegel makes transdisciplinary art for the very young (0-4 years). Through music, theatre, images, objects, movement and technology,
we invite you to explore new worlds, see, listen and play differently. De Spiegel stimulates the curiosity, wonder and sense of adventure of both children and adults through a universal, sensory language.

Where can you find us?

De Spiegel works and performs at various locations in Belgium and abroad;
in theater and concert halls, cultural centers,
at festivals. You will also find us where you least expect it; in nurseries, libraries, museums, outdoors. Over the years, De Spiegel has developed an offer for these ‘unconventional’ presentation places and actively seeks common ground with organizations within welfare, science, heritage and education.
That makes De Spiegel unique.


De Spiegel collaborates with many artists:
Astrid Bossuyt, Danaé Bosman, Jotka Bauwens, Anke Zijlstra, Hernàn Mancebo Martinez,
Romeo Lothy Bampende, Ine Ubben,
Marie Van Praag, Lize Pede, Ann De Prest, Helene Bracke, Joeri Wens, Senne Van Loock, Adriaan Lenski, Karolien Verlinden, Jean Bermes, Adil Behnsaid, Nicolas Ankoudinoff, Christophe Pochet, Anne Marie Honggosoekoemo,
Zoë Bossuyt, Karel Van Ransbeeck,
Wim Van de Vyver, Alain Ongenaet, …

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