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  1,5 TO 5 YEARS OLD

Two people find themselves stuck in a confined space, a box. They can’t get away from each other. There is confusion, fear and a sense of unfamiliarity. And then it turns out that they are not alone, there is also someone outside the box.

Gradually they warm to each other, though not without the inevitable tensions, clashes, caresses and emotions. Uneasiness turns to laughter and infectious amusement.

A small space.
A longing for the other.
Tension fills the box.
Resentful jostling.
Animated laughter.
An explosion of togetherness.
In a box.


BOKS is a production by Theater De Spiegel.

Concept, acting and dance: Danaé Bosman and Jotka Bauwens
2nd cast acting and dance: Ehren Verrelst and Carli Gellings
Composition and musician: Stefan Wellens
End-direction and movement advice: Karolien Verlinden
Artistic support and coaching: Karel Van Ransbeeck

Costume design: Lies Maréchal
Scenography: Oona Sauwens
Set construction: Wim Van de Vyver
Photos: Laure-Anne Iserief
Light design: Zoë Bossuyt and Alain Ongenaet

Duration of the performance: 40 minutes

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