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A book is a book



Two gents with suitcases take you on a journey.
Their suitcases: full of books.
Their books: full of dots, folds, shapes, holes, jokes, sounds and music!
This isn’t a book.
This is a head, a twist, a distant planet.
Are you ready to go?

This isn’t a book.

In this music theatre production two gents literally take you with them on a journey.
They have lots of suitcases with them.

Suitcases full of books, books full of music, pages full of crazy facts, pages full of unexpected jokes, paper full of little sounds.

Is it about passing the time?
Is it about losing yourself in reverie? 
The gents make it colourful, in their head,
in the book, in your head like a page that flies,
a car that travels from one fold to the next and on to the next, a dot on a map which jumps, overboard, a hole in the paper, a twist, a head,
a planet.

This is a book
Jacques Tati and René Magritte are never far away, and the books are by the world-famous Hervé Tullet.


A book is a book is a production by Theater De Spiegel

Acting and direction: Karel Van Ransbeeck
Acting and music: Bart Voet
Composition: Adrian Lenski
Artistic coaching: Laurent Dupont – ACTA company
Costume design: Lies Maréchal
Scenography: Lies Maréchal and Wim Van de Vyver
Set design: Wim Van de Vyver


Inspired by the books and illustrations of Hervé Tullet

Publishers: Phaidon Press, Tate Publishing and Bayard éditions

Theater De Spiegel enjoys the support of the Flemish Community

©AP-Hogeschool studenten