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  A production by Theater De Spiegel. 

  Concept and direction: Karel Van Ransbeeck 
  Composition and musicians
: Joeri Wens and 
  Nicolas Ankoudinoff
  Shadow play and technique: Alain Ongenaet 
  Costumes: Lies Maréchal 
  Set design: Wim Van De Vyver

  Duration of the performance: 45 minutes

Marbles, spheres and balls that shoot through roller coasters. Drumheads and drums that sometimes serve as a canvas for a shadow game, then are used as ping pong bats.
And wonderful water bubbles.
BEAT THE DRUM! is a magical journey in a remarkable setting. A shadow artist, a flautist-saxophonist and a percussionist take young and old on an enchanting trip through sounds, images, music and rhythms.
A visual concert full of rock ‘n’ roll and poetry.

BEAT THE DRUM! won the Early years award for best performance for children under 6 at the International Theater Festival for
Children in Romania in 2016.
In 2017, BEAT THE DRUM! was awarded several times during the Mateřinka Festival in the Czech Republic, for the music, presentation, decor and concept.

“The guideline through ‘BEAT THE DRUM!’ is a red ball. It serves as a tennis ball for two drums, falls right out of the sky in multiples or becomes an apple in a shadow play.
Marbles and even smaller spheres support his rhythmic journey. And so everything in
‘BEAT THE DRUM!’ is image and music at the same time, sound and movement, form and light. Director Karel Van Ransbeeck once again turns the most banal objects into ambiguous things, with a will of their own, a direction, a secret connection. (…) theater for toddlers simple? It is mainly multiple. As you would hope for every theater.”
(Wouter Hillaert, De Standaard

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